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3 Position Switch

The 3 position switch is perfect for miniaturizing or expanding your ecommerce. With it, you can have up to six position changes at once.

Switch, Rotary, 3 Poles, 3 Position

Three Position Switch


Cheap 3 Position Switch

This position switch is a great addition to your next machine. It allows you to adjust 3 positions without having to changes mode. The micro mini toggle switch is easy to use and has an on/off switch, meaning that you can always have the machine on whilettiing the switch is in 3 position. The switch is also 6 amperes, which is perfect for standard machines. 3 position switch with 10a125v and 6a250v inputs, for boat rocker switches and rocker switch controls. Allows for 3 changes of on/off on or off of an entire boat. this is a position switch that I created that allows you to turn your old 3 position switch into a 5x3 position. This switch is waterproof and can be turned on and off with just a 5x3 position on the switch. The switch has a 20a rating and isable to be used in 2 ways; on or off when it is turned on, or when it is turned off. this is a 3 position switch with an on/off switch and a selector switch. It can be used to switch between two positions.