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Hdmi Switch

This 5 port splitter hub is top-quality for out of the box configuration on an 5 port with its high-quality audio and video outputs, this hub makes five tv combos straightforward and quick, plus, its selectable splitter image size lets you specify the size of your image that can be per-portalized, while the hub's ir remote lets you operate your tv combos without a tv set.

Hdmi Ab Switch

This is an 4-port Hdmi splitter that plugs into 4 outlet receptacles, it x4 capable of splitting a hdtv set into 4 viewing areas. The amplifier and switch are able to offer up to 1 x4 power for each output, the 4 k hd 5 port Hdmi switch is a sterling addition to your home computer interface. This switch allows you to communicate with your 4 k hd movies and photos in a substitute that is not possible with other devices, the switch also includes an 5 in 1 display and a hub converter to allow you to communicate with up to 15 devices at the same time. This is an 3 port Hdmi splitter cable that adjusts to up to 1080 it grants aphony for a hdtv ps4 xbox and can handle 1080 p content, the cable also includes a cable end. This is an 3 Hdmi port switch, splitter, cable and selector for the xbox one, ps4 and 3 hdtv's, it can be used to connect different hdtv's to your computer or tv.