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Heat Press Power Switch

This Heat Press Power switch is for your Heat Press machine, it helps to control the machine's Power by switching it from on to off. The switch is very facile to adopt and takes only a few minutes to set up.

Best Heat Press Power Switch

This Heat Press Power switch is for Heat presses that require a high amount of power, the Power switch allows you to save some energy by turning the Power off and on when you're not using it. The Heat Press Power switch for t shirt hat sublimation printing transfer machine can be used to turn the electricity on or off to create a different look for your shirt, it can also be used to change the color of the shirt's fabric or logo. This switch is top-notch for when you want to create a different look for your shirt without using the Heat of the sun, the Heat Press Power switch is a must-have for any digital Heat printing machine! This switch allows the machine to operate in full Heat mode or its "stocking full" of Heat mode! With the Heat Press Power switch, you can enjoy your Heat printing machine throughout the day without having to keep switching between Heat mode and normal mode. Giving you a much faster and more responsive start-up time, the Heat pressing switch is designed to fold down towards the body of the machine, as you Heat up the fabric. The Power switch is designed to turn off the Heat pressing switch when the fabric is completely heated, this allows you to the dye and fabric on your own, without having to keep turning the Heat pressing switch on and off.