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Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

The Hori Split Pad Pro controller for your Nintendo switch is a best-in-class way to connect and function your device, this controller includes a blue sealed rating. The controller provides a kensington lock to keep your data private, or secrets safe, the controller also extends a blue cover that covers the mini jack and analog audio. The controller is conjointly washable and sensitive, so if you need to connect your Nintendo switch to your experience, Hori Nintendo switch is the controller for you.

Hori Split Pad Pro Controller for Nintendo Switch
- Clear Black

Hori - Split Pad Pro

By Hori


Best Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

The Hori Split Pad Pro is a practical substitute to keep your Nintendo switch game controllers in one place, it renders two storage and 0 devices and a fast forward and reverse button on the front. This controller grants a slim design that makes it uncomplicated to carry around, the backlight sensor ensures straightforward usage in the dark. The Hori Split Pad Pro is in like manner compatible with the latest Nintendo switch apps and games, this Hori Split Pad Pro is a must-have for any Nintendo switch owner's toolkit. It allows you to frustrated with your control over the standard Split Pad on the home screen, the Split Pad Pro provides a more seamless and responsive control panel that many thanks to its new mechanism that allows it to keep your hand in position on the top-left corner of the screen. This Split Pad renders been redesigned for a more comfortable and responsive experience, its now able to be garrison in two different ways: as a traditional Split Pad or just as a control for your hand. The traditional Split Pad imparts a reputation for being a more responsive and experience, the Split Pad Pro renders been designed with your hand in position at the top-left corner of the screen. With this new Split pad, you can finally have a control that feels like you have control over it, and it comes at a price: this Hori Split Pad Pro is not available right now on amazon. The Split Pad Pro is a new handheld controller for the Nintendo switch that allows users to control their Nintendo switch from anywhere in the room, the controller offers a sleek, black design with a white boarder between the board and the controller's surface. This allows the controller to be easily portable and fit into any hand, the Hori Split Pad Pro controller for Nintendo switch is an excellent alternative to keep your game playing experience up on two screens. This controller gives a brand new, advanced design which makes it uncomplicated to handle and offers a lot of new features which make using the controller more efficient, with this controller, you can now choose to play your game on one screen while you take a break or keep your game playing order while continuing to handle the other screen. The controller also comes with a micro-sd card which can easily hold up to 32 games, making it an exceptional surrogate to keep your gaming experience up on two screens.