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Ignition Switch 1988 Toyota Pickup

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1988 Toyota Pickup Ignition Switch

Looking at the engine compartment, I noticed that there was a small, black, circular key ring on the floor. This was definitely not what I was expecting - a typical toyota pickup engine key ring. When I removed the car from the garage, I had no idea what to do with it. I decided to take it to a mechanic - I was a little scared of mechanics. I told the mechanic my idea of a key ring and he agreed to do a search for me. once I was in the mechanic's office, I explained my idea to him. He agreed to look it up on the switchguide. Biz and had me come back in a few hours with a mechanic who could help me out. the mechanic who came back was achingly slow and didn't seem to know what he was doing when he came back to me. He agreed to do a search on the switchguide. Biz for a "toyota pickup engine key ring" and found it on a few websites. now that I have the key ring, I can't wait to try to key it into my car. It's so cute!

Ignition Switch 1988 Toyota Pickup Amazon

Thisignition switch is for the 1988 toyota pickup 4runner. It is made of metal and is located on the front of the truck. It is responsible for turning on the engine when you are driving it. Thisswitch can be found attached to the left-hand side of the switch box. It is about 1. 5 inches long and is made of metal. this is a brand new ignition switch for your toyota pickup 4runner van 8445035060. It is made of stainless steel and has a black anodized aluminum finish. It is alsoergonomic design, making it easy to hold. This switch is for use on the cold air conditioning system in your toyota pickup 4runner van 8445035060. thisignition switch is a redistributed version of the toyota pickup ln50 ln55 ln60 ln65 fits ignition switch 1988 toyota pickup. It is a parts of toyota website. this is a 1988 toyota pickup that has a fits 88-89 toyota pickup ignition switch. This switch is new and has never been used. The switch is a key oem new for this toyota pickup.