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Rca A/b Switch

Rca is a leading provider of a/b switch products that allow users to differentiate switchguide. Biz presence. The rca a/b switch products allow users to switch between different types of desktop and laptop devices without having to leave their home or office.

Rca A/b Switch Target

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Rca A/b Switch Ebay

This is a 2-way switch that will connect tv and dvd players2-ways. It has an audio and video input joules. It is made of plastic and has a black finish. the rca deluxe cable 2-way switch is perfect for connecting video equipment to a television or video monitor. The switch allows the positive and negative wires to be switched between the same port, allowing you to easily connect other equipment to the monitor or television. The switch is made of heavy-gauge wire and has a lock-off feature to keep the cable organized. therca a/b switch is an easy way to keep your audio in and out of your music player on a grand scale. This switch can do things like turn your audio on and off, or change channels if you need to add another pair of ears to your music collection. Plus, it can also control other devices like a music player, phone, or tv. the rca deluxe 2-way ab switch is a great choice for connecting two different types of sound systems. It has two arcs to give you four different sound systems' levels of sound. The switch also has a b+ for clear, and a r for reduced sound.