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Temperature Control Switch

The w1209 12v -50-110c digital thermostat temperature control switch sensor module is designed to control a temperature switch in a climate control system. The switch is approvals through the national football league (nfl). It can be used in conjunction with the w1209 temperature control switch to create a system that control a home air conditioning system. The switch can be controlled up to 50 degrees celsius in either directions.

Temperature Activated Switch

Heatactivated switch is a type of switch that is activated and deactivated using heat. The switch is typically attached to a container that will use heat to start and stop funks. The good thing about the hot switch is that it can be used in both short and long bursts, making it perfect for multiple purpose.

Thermostat Switch

The thermostat switch is a must-have device in any home or office. With it, you can control your computer's temperature all while being within reach. This digital led microcomputer thermostat switch is perfect for that purpose. the w3002 is a temperature controlled switch with a 10a rating. It is built into the front panel of most computers, tv's, and routers. It can be used to control a number ofimiifiable temperature ranges, such as temperature in degrees fahrenheit or temperature in degrees celsius. The switch has a one-size-fits-all user interface, allowing most applications. The w3002 is based on the ibm ix platform, and supports the ibm webofa interface. this is a digital thermostat control switch that functions with 2x 50-110 celsius 12v w1209 devices. Or just select and manage one specific temperature across allchannels. The switch has a standard-looking connect button, but there are two levels of wattage available: 50w and 110w. The switch is also includes a user-friendly booklet with numbers and wattage levels, to help set up your home's temperature. the 10a 250v ksd301 thermostat temperature switch is designed to control the heating and cooling system of a home or office by using temperature as a major factor in the home's or office's climate. The switch has a 40c160c temperature rating and can be used with standard english transformers. The switch is made of sturdy plastic and has a small plastic cover that is removed by hand. It is then made of metal with a black coating and is designed to fit into an apartment's entrance way.